All About The Golf Course


Anyone that has ever really played a game of golf will tell you that you can’t just play anywhere. Golf is played on a golf course that has been created exclusively for golf. The grass is cut very low and the areas where the holes are located are even shorter. The terrain of a golf course is free of any type of rocks or shrubs and trees growing anywhere.


There are trees and shrubs around a golf course however they are placed in areas that are not in the path of the playing area of golfers. Many of the golf courses also have paths for golf carts or at least some type of path in which the carts can follow. Admittedly, walking through eighteen holes of golf would get tedious not to mention tiresome for many individuals.
There are many famous golf courses all over the world, and some of these golf courses are home to many of the PGA tournaments that take place. Some of the greatest golfers have played on different golf courses and made the courses popular.
However, miniature golf courses are nothing like regular golf courses. There are no obstacles on a main golf course, and there are no other “man made” hills or tunnels for the golf ball to pass through. Although miniature golf is much like golf it is simply played on a different type and style of terrain.
Golf courses must be kept up constantly. Groundskeepers are always mowing, watering, and making sure the course is free of fallen limbs or debris.
In addition, many of the golf courses are found to be on the outskirts of cities or towns due to the large size. However, there are a few miniature golf courses on top of skyscrapers in New York!
Some golf courses are also known as country clubs. In order to play a game of golf on the “green” or golf course you usually have to be a member. Membership fees are usually paid annually although some of them differ. These type of golf courses in many circumstances offer a store of some type where tees, golf balls, golf clothing, and other accessories are often sold.


When tournaments or championships are being held, usually a portion of the golf course is flagged off for the public and bystanders there to watch the event. It is never in a part of the golf course where the golf game is going to be played partly for safety purposes but to also avoid any type of confusion. There are virtually golf courses all over the world and some are bigger than others. However, the golf courses that are historical are often those where the tournaments for the PGA actually take place.