Golf Clothing

Golfer Waiting to Tee off ca. 2000

Golfing is not just about having the skills, the proper course and the proper equipment, it’s also about the attire. Here is an article of a proper golf attire etiquette you should follow.


a. Tops

Most golf courses require female players to wear sleeved or sleeveless blouses with collars. But, the most popular attire women wear is a polo shirt. Your tops can go with different colors and styles like button down, V-neck and zip-top. They can also come in different patterns.
 T-shirts, halters and tank tops are unacceptable.

b. Sweaters / Jackets

Layered outfit is also a popular fashion style for golfers, like wearing a sweater over a polo-styled shirt. For extra covering, you can wear a collared button-down shirt, light jacket or a wind shirt. An awesome collection of sweaters and jackets is currently available at ASOS. Just take you phone and call ASOS customer service number to place your order.
 Denim jackets and sweatshirts are unacceptable.

c. Bottoms

During the early spring and fall, female golfers usually wear slacks to match their top. But during the summer or warmer days, they usually wear short-styled slacks, including capris, crops and shorts. If you’re planning to wear shorts, it should be the height of your knee. Aside from tennis, golf is also a popular sport for wearing skorts (shorts + skirts).
 Jeans, sun dresses, sweats and athletic pants are unacceptable.


d. Head Covering

For sunny days, you are allowed to wear a cap or a sun-visor to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the suns. There are different types of head coverings, including hats, caps and head scarfs.

e. Footwear

Almost every golf course requires players to wear proper golf shoes. Others will require you that your footwear should have soft, non-metal spikes. If you’re wearing shorts or skorts, your socks should be visible but not higher than your ankle.


a. Tops

Almost every golf course requires male players to wear collared shirts, commonly made out of cotton, microfiber or polyester. There are some who tolerate modern golf shirts which has turtleneck collar.
 T-shirts and tank tops are unacceptable.

b. Pants

Male golfers are required to wear long cotton or polyester pants or pleated/flat front dress shorts.
 Cut-off jeans, workout, running and basketball shorts are unacceptable.

c. Footwear

Men are also required to wear proper golf shoes that will stabilize the player’s swing, permit traction while walking and give comfort during a game that could last for hours. Real golf shoes have spiked soles. A lot of golf courses nowadays doesn’t allow metal spiked golf shoes, but instead the soft ones made out of hard rubber and plastic. Sneakers or running shoes may be allowed, but not always, especially for serious competitions.
Socks are more than just about the comfortability, it has become one of the most important part of a proper golf attire. The fibers aid in keeping a player’s foot comfortable and dry. There are different styles of golf socks, but the most popular once are the ankle-length socks they usually wear with their shorts. Traditional tube socks are also more than allowed. They may not be a concrete rule about wearing socks but it is an unspoken golf etiquette that players should wear socks that match their upper attire.
 Sandals, street shoes and boots are unacceptable.

An image of a young male golf player

d. Headgear

For sunny days, male golfers are allowed to wear baseball hats or visors to protect from the sun. Straw hats and Hogan caps are more than acceptable as well.
 Cowboy hats, dress fedora-style hats, beanie caps, gag hats and the like are unacceptable.