Where to Buy The best Gold Clothing? ASOS is the Answer…

Young man swinging golf club, rear view

ASOS isn’t just about being fashionable in your workplace, event or normal day, it’s also about looking decent during a golf game. Here are some golf-wears ASOS sell on their website:



  • Tops. Since most of the time men are required to wear collared golf shirts, ASOS has a wide variety of short-sleeved (with 2-3 buttons) collared shirts which are long enough to be properly tucked into your pants. Aside from that they also have long sleeve shirts, sweaters and blazers you can choose for your size. For tops, they have brands include Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel, Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • Pants. For almost all professional tournaments and private courses, ASOS has an extensive list of slacks, with different colors, sizes, styles and brands. However, since there are public courses that are lest strict, you can buy non-denim men’s jeans from some of the brands on the website, such as !Solid, Beck & Heavy and GAS Jeans.
  • You can pair your pants or jeans with a nice woven or leather belt which you can buy for as low as £10.
  • Shoes. A lot of golf courses will not require their players to wear golf spikes. Brands of shoes sold in ASOS included ASOS, Adidas Originals, Aldo, Converse, Nike, Nike SB, Puma and Vans. Their shoe sizes range from UK 3 to UK 13 then XL. If you plan to wear spiked shoes, there are available ones in ASOS that has softer plastic spikes, preventing from damaging the course. One of the shoes you should check out is their ASOS driving shoes in black suede mix with gold details, which is now just £24, almost half of the original price of £40.
  • Headgear. Most golf courses allow their players to wear baseball-style caps. Their newest addition to the website includes several caps bye Hype, Mitchell & Ness, New Era, Nike and Lacoste.
  • Other. If you have not found what you were looking for, you can always contact ASOS directly. You can find ASOS customer service number here.



  • Tops. Most of the time, female players will be asked to dress decently. ASOS has a wide collection of sleeveless and sleeved blouses which has collars. Their website also has polo-style shirts made for women, which is a very popular outfit among the female players. They have different colors and designs, including button down, V-neck and long sleeves. There are also different patterns you can choose, varying from floral, Aztec, standard stripes and etc. They also have turtle necks that are comfortable while you’re playing.
  • Bottoms. Other than the common women’s slacks, ASOS has a collection of shorter slacks for warmer days, including capris, crops and shorts. The product details and the images will give you an idea if the item is knee length or longer. If you want to wear skorts, they have items from famous sports brands like Nike.
  • Head Protection. It is important to protect your head and eyes from the harsh sun rays. There are appropriate caps and sunvisors available in the website.
  • Footwear. Aside from the proper golf shoes, you’ll also need the right socks. Although ASOS sells ankle-length socks, there are not much of them available.