Good Tips for Better Golfing

Golfer on the putting green, preparing to put

Do you know the secrets of golf pitching? Do you practice enough? But do you practice the most proper drills? Here are some excellent practice drills to develop your pitching skills:

1. Right Heel in Air

When you ready to hit, lift your right foot up to ground and kick your right toe in the ground behind your left heel. From here you can swing up and down. This practice drill keeps you from the tendency turning your upper body and tilt back during downswing . The proper way is if the balance of your body is on your left foot. In this case your right hand will move to down and you would be able to chop the ball properly.


2. Learn One Backswing at a Time Practice one club at a time.

Start with the club with the most loft and use it until you have perfected it. For example with your lob wedge you should practice the 8 o’clock backswing (and down) for several times, then the 10 o’clock backswing and finally the 12 o’clock backswing. After that you can take your sand wedge and practice the same three backswings until you have perfected it.

3. Chop but Don’t Stop

The main thing during the downswing of the pitching is to chop the ball with the leading edge of the golf club. You should pay attention not to turn through your wrist before the impact of the ball. Another common mistake is chopping the ground and stopping. After the chopping into the ground with the leading edge you must continue the movement through the ball.

4. Record distance matrix

Make a record about your pitching distances. Take your lob wedge and hit 5-5 balls all the three backswing (8, 10 and 12 o’clock). Put it the distances in a table like this one below. Record the distances with the other wedge clubs, too. You can count also averages of the distances. This will help you on the course to select the most proper club and make the correct backswing for the given distance.
Do you want to develop your putting skills? Have you ever got problems with putting? Here are some putting tips for more effective and better playing:


1. Do not look after the ball. If you do this your head could turn on, and your shoulder will turn on too, and then your shot will become close. In this case the ball will roll past the left side of the hole.

2. Aim the spot a foot behind the hole. If you aim the distance of the hole there is a chance that the distance of the putting will be short. And it is clear, that in the case a short shot the ball has no chance to fall in the hole. The ball has the chance to fall in the hole only if you aim the spot behind the hole. The ball must roll at least till the hole – no other chance.

3. Shorter Backswing – Longer Downswing. It is the principle of the putting. This method ensure the continuous movement of the putter. It is important, that the putter do not stop after the hitting. The longer downswing ensure the straightness of the putting.

I hope this tips will develop your game on the golf course.